Autonomous Vehicle ed by Andrzej Zak


"Autonomous Vehicle" ed. by Andrzej Zak
ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535125850 9535125842 | 155 pages | PDF | 48 MB
This book is a collection of experiences shared by scientists from different parts of the world doing researches and daily exploiting autonomous systems. The book will be a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for further research in the field of autonomous vehicles.
Autonomous vehicles, despite their relatively short history, have already found practical application in many areas of human activity. Such vehicles are usually replacing people in performing tasks that require long operating time and are held in inaccessible or hazardous environments. Nevertheless, autonomous robotics is probably the area that is being developed the most because of the great demand for such devices in different areas of our lives.
1 Cloud Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles
2 Application of Sampling-Based Motion Planning Algorithms in Autonomous Vehicle Navigation
3 Robust Accelerating Control for Consistent Node Dynamics in a Platoon of CAVs
4 The Reliability of Autonomous Vehicles Under Collisions
5 ADAS-Assisted Driver Behaviour in Near Missing Car-Pedestrian Accidents
6 Flight Control Development and Test for an Unconventional VTOL UAV
7 Design of Large Diameter Mine Countermeasure Hybrid Power Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
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