Building Android Games with Cocos2d x


Building Android Games with Cocos2d-x By Raydelto Hernandez
English | 2015 | 160 Pages | ISBN: 1785283839 | PDF | 2 MB
Learn to create engaging and spectacular games for Android using Cocos2d-xAbout This BookCreate fun physics games to rival the bestselling games on Google Play Save time by creating your Android games using this integrated framework Learn to create a simple game using step-by-step instructions provided throughout the bookWho This Book Is ForIf you have a basic understanding of the C++ programming language and want to create videogames for the Android platform, then this technology and book is ideal for you.What You Will LearnSet up your work environment Learn how to create graphic elements and animate them Use the built-in physics engine to make your games more realistic Manage user interaction using the touch and accelerometer capabilities Boost your games visual appeal by learning to add text and using true type and bitmap fonts Enhance your game by adding sound effects and background music Discover how to add rich explosion effects using particle systems Add native Java code to your Android game
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