Charles Aznavour – Sings In glish: Greatest Hits (2014) [MP3]



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Charles Aznavour – Sings In English: Greatest Hits (2014) [MP3]
Vocal Pop, Chanson, Ballad
Mp3 320 kbps | Universal Music/Barclay | 01:19:42 | 187 Mb
01. She [02:33]
02. The Old Fashioned Way [03:08]
03. Yesterday When I Was Young (with Elton John) [03:26]
04. You And Me (with Celine Dion) [03:34]
05. And I In My Chair [03:34]
06. La Boheme (with Josh Groban) [03:28]
07. You”ve Let Yourself Go [03:41]
08. It Will Be My Day [04:22]
09. You”ve Got To Learn [03:30]
10. Love Is New Everyday (with Sting) [04:08]
11. No, I Could Never Forget [06:31]
12. Happy Anniversary [05:54]
13. I Didn”t See The Time Go By [03:29]
14. Take Me Along [03:19]
15. There Is A Time [02:37]
16. What Makes A Man [04:55]
17. They Fell [04:09]
18. Ave Maria [04:57]
19. Quiet Love (with Liza Minnelli) [05:25]
20. Young At Heart (with Frank Sinatra) [02:53]
    2014 Greatest Hits sung in English from the French icon, who has been
releasing music since 1933. Features performances from Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Sting, Josh Groban, Celine Dion and others.
Includes classics like “She”, “Yesterday When I Was Young”, “You”ve Let
Yourself Go” and more. Since his career began in 1933 Charles Aznavour
has sold over 100 million record sales, 1,200 songs, 80 movies, 294
albums, thousands of concerts around the world. He performs and has
recorded in seven languages, and as he celebrates his 90th birthday, is
the longest standing “A-List” star in the world, considered to be one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time with CNN and readers of
Time magazine chosing Aznavour as the entertainer of the 20th century,
ahead of Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.
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