Farming on the Fringe Peri Urban Agriculture Cultural Diversity and Sustainability in Sydney


Farming on the Fringe: Peri-Urban Agriculture, Cultural Diversity and Sustainability in Sydney
Sarah James | 2016 | PDF | ISBN: 3319322338 | 197 pages | 4 Mb
2016 | PDF | ISBN: 3319322338 | 197 pages | 4 Mb
This volume offers a new perspective to debates on local food and urban sustainability presenting the long silenced voices of the small-scale farmers from the productive green fringe of Sydneys sprawling urban jungle. Providing fresh food for the city and local employment, these culturally and linguistically diverse farmers contribute not only to Sydneys globalizing demographic and cultural fabric, but also play a critical role in the citys environmental sustainability. In the battle for urban space housing development threatens to turn these farmlands into sprawling suburbia. In thinking from and with the urban ‘fringe, this book moves beyond the housing versus farming debate to present a vision for urban growth that is dynamic and alive to the needs of the 21st century city. In a unique bringing together of the twin forces shaping contemporary urbanism – environmental change and global population flows – the voices from the fringe demand to be heard in the debate on future urban food sustainability.
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