How to Make Money From Blogging Start A Profitable Blog and Replace Your Day Job


Liam Price, "How to Make Money From Blogging: Start A Profitable Blog and Replace Your Day Job"
2016 | EPUB | 44 pages | ASIN: B01KMN48SE | English | 0.3 MB
The Perfect Guide to a Profitable Blog
Are you trying to make a passive income with a profitable blog? Blogging has been become a major trend in recent years. Unlike websites, blogs make an easy platform to post and share content with others without necessarily having any tech-savvy skills. This book gives you all of the tools you will need to turn your passion into a profit!
Some are turning blogging to a real money making machine that can even generate up to 6 figure incomes. Although their results are not generally typical, they are attainable
What this book will cover:
Finding Your Niche
How to Get your Blog Started in Around 30 Minutes
A Detailed List of All of The Ways to Make a Profit
Proven Tips on How to Market Your Blog
-SEO, Guest Blogging, Targeting, Social Media
Time it Takes to See Results
Take action, make your money.
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