Land Development Handbook 3rd Edition


Land Development Handbook, 3rd Edition by Dewberry & Davis
2008 | ISBN: 0071494375 | English | 1168 pages | EPUB | 63 MB
Land Development Handbook provides a step-by-step approach to any type of project, from rural greenfield development to suburban infill to urban redevelopment. With the latest information regarding green technologies and design, the book offers you a comprehensive look at the land-development process as a whole, as well as a thorough view of individual disciplines. Plus, a bonus color insert reveals the extent to which land development projects are transforming our communities!
This all-in-one guide provides in-depth coverage of:
Environmental issues from erosion and sediment control and stormwater management to current regulatory controls for plan approval, permitting, and green building certification
Comprehensive planning and zoning including new development models for mixed-use, transit-oriented, and conservation developments
Enhanced approaches to community and political consensus building
Technical design procedures for infrastructure components including roads and utilities with a new section on dry utilities
Surveying tools and techniques focusing on the use of GPS and GIS to collect, present, and preserve data throughout the design process
Plan preparation, submission, and processing with an emphasis on technologies available-from CAD modeling and design to electronic submissions, permit processing, and tracking
Subjects include:
Planning and zoning
Real Property Law
Engineering Feasibility
Environmental Regulations
Conceptual and Schematic Design
Development Patterns
Control, Boundary, and Topographical Surveys
Historic Assessment and Preservation
Street and Utility Design
Floodplain Studies
Grading and Earthwork
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Cost Estimating
Subdivision Process
Plan Submittals
Stormwater Management
Erosion and Sediment Control
And much more!
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