Numerical Simulation From Brain Imaging to Turbulent Flows ed by Ricardo Lopez Ruiz

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"Numerical Simulation: From Brain Imaging to Turbulent Flows" ed. by Ricardo Lopez-Ruiz
English | ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535125648 9535125656 | 429 pages | PDF | 83 MB
This book presents an overview of some models, methods, and numerical computations that are useful for the applied research scientists and mathematicians, fluid tech engineers, and postgraduate students.
Nowadays mathematical modeling and numerical simulations play an important role in life and natural science. Numerous researchers are working in developing different methods and techniques to help understand the behavior of very complex systems, from the brain activity with real importance in medicine to the turbulent flows with important applications in physics and engineering.
1 BOLD fMRI Simulation
2 Basics of Multibody Systems: Presented by Practical Simulation Examples of Spine Models
3 Simulation of Neural Behavior
4 Numerical Simulations of Dynamics Behaviour of the Action Potential of the Human Hearts Conduction System
5 Numerical Simulation Using Artificial Neural Network on Fractional Differential Equations
6 Numerical Simulations of Some Real-Life Problems Governed by ODEs
7 A Multi-Domain Spectral Collocation Approach for Solving Lane-Emden Type Equations
8 Numerical Solution of System of Fractional Differential Equations in Imprecise Environment
9 Analysis of Heat Transfer in an Experimental Heat Exchanger Using Numerical Simulation
10 Solving Inverse Heat Transfer Problems When Using CFD Modeling
11 A Numerical Procedure for 2D Fluid Flow Simulation in Unstructured Meshes
12 On a New Numerical Approach on Micropolar Fluid, Heat and Mass Transfer Over an Unsteady Stretching Sheet Through Porous Media in the Presence of a Heat Source/Sink and Chemical Reaction
13 Computational Fluid Dynamics in Turbulent Flow Applications
14 Two-Fluid RANS-RSTM-PDF Model for Turbulent Particulate Flows
15 Free Surface Flow Simulation Using VOF Method
16 Transport and Mixing in Liquid Phase Using Large Eddy Simulation: A Review
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