The Impact of Empathy A New Approach to Working with Adhd Children


The Impact of Empathy:A New Approach to Working with Adhd Children by MDEmilia CostaMD, Daniela Muggia
2014 | ISBN: 8897951333 | English | 184 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
Much is unknown about the proper course of therapy for children with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Those diagnosed are often subjected to heavy dosing and often risky psychopharmacological drug therapies. What if there was an effective and non-invasive way to help? This book introduced the ECEL method, Empathic Care at the End of Life, which brings together the fields fo Tibetan Thanatology, (Psychology of the Cycle of Life) and neuroscience to illustrate the power of empathy to enable children ot self-manage, deescalate their symptoms, and empower them with the skills for long therm self-care. The wealth of resources and scientific information available in this book, teaches caregivers-parents, teachers, and therapists-the impact that learning how to live and act, themselves from an empathetic state, has a significant effect on soothing the child with ADHD. The innovation of this approach is threefold: -It utlizes a solid body of research about the power of empathy. (In a state of receptivity, human beings are able to access much more information.) -It introduces the concept of a collective "mandala of suffering" (the child, the parents, the teachers, the therapist or the carer). This refers to morphogenetic fields, entrainment, and the collective pain body; which are all set in motion with ADHD children…in both harmful and potentially helpful ways. When one member of the mandala intiates a change, all are affected (the butterfly effect). -Passing through any of these people, it inserts into the well-oiled mechanism of self perpeluated suffering a transformative element that brings this process to a halt. The carer acts in a compassionate way instead of reacting to the childs hostility, thus changing the dynamic and allowing the child to begin initiating self-care.
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