The Reality Game A Guide to Humanistic Counselling and Psychotherapy 3rd Edition

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The Reality Game: A Guide to Humanistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, 3rd Edition by John Rowan
2016 | ISBN: 113885011X, 1138850128 | English | 262 pages | PDF | 1.4 MB
In the years since it was first published, The Reality Game has become a classic text. For all those training and practising in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy it is an essential guide to good practice, and an excellent introduction to the skills used in individual and group therapy. This new edition has been updated to take into account changes in the field and John Rowans own work, while still providing guidance on establishing and developing the relationship between counsellor and client, and covering: assessment; the initial interview; the opening session; aims; transference; resistance and supervision.
With the students needs always at the forefront, this extensively revised new edition responds to the questions most often asked by trainees in these disciplines, and includes discussions of ethics and new chapters on transpersonal psychology, and on dialogical self-theory. It will be a must read for psychotherapists and counsellors in practice and training especially those involved in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy.
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