Zeolites Useful Minerals ed by Claudia Belviso

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"Zeolites: Useful Minerals" ed. by Claudia Belviso
English | ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 953512577X 9535125761 | 221 pages | PDF | 41 MB
This book collects recent results about research activities on zeolites, from synthesis to application. This book is a useful instrument for researchers, teachers and students who are interested in investigating innovative aspects of the studies on zeolite.
The book is composed of two sections.
The first is devoted to articles and brief review articles on the synthesis of zeolite from fly ash and final application of these newly formed minerals to solve environmental problems.
The second part of the book provides useful information on different applications both of natural and synthetic zeolites ranging from environmental pollution to industrial and commercial applications.
The performance of zeolite molecular sieves, hollow titanium zeolites and luminescent zeolites is interesting considering the new frontiers reached by the research on zeolites.
1 Upscaling of Zeolite Synthesis from Coal Fly Ash Waste: Current Status and Future Outlook
2 Hydrothermal Conversion of South African Coal Fly Ash into Pure Phase Zeolite Na‐P1
3 Synthesis of Zeolite from Fly Ash and their Use as Soil Amendment
4 Fly Ash Derived Zeolites in the Removal of Toxic Compounds
5 Industrial Zeolite Molecular Sieves
6 Hollow Titanium Silicalite Zeolite: From Fundamental Research to Commercial Application in Environmental-Friendly Catalytic Oxidation Processes
7 Luminescent Zeolites
8 XAFS and IR Studies on Luminescent Silver Zeolites
9 Zeolites as Potential Structures in Obtaining Jet Fuel Through the Fischer‐Tropsch Synthesis
10 Effects of Natural Zeolites on Bioavailability and Leachability of Heavy Metals in the Composting Process of Biodegradable Wastes
11 The Influence of Zeolites on Quality Indicators of Soil-Plant Connection and Food Safety
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